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Dear Apple: Make Your Widgets Mobile Friendly

Isn’t it Ironic…Don’t You Think?

In what may be the most ironic story of mobile unfriendliness ever: I’ve recently discovered that Apple’s iTunes website widgets for promoting mobile apps don’t work worth a crap in mobile browsers.

Let’s break this down: the widgets that Apple released for you to embed into your website to promote their store’s mobile apps are not mobile friendly.

 A Little too Ironic…and, Yeah, I Really do Think…

Why? They use mini scroll bars for the text, and embed the widget via iframe so that no re-styling can be done. Example:

Is it usable? That depends on your definition. But some definitions: technically a knowledgeable user knows that they can double tap the scroll bar and then move it…so technically it’s usable. But by my definition: most people will not know how to scroll this, and will be unable to read the rest of the text.

Apple, I’m angry. I’m having to tell a possible client that I can’t make their site truly mobile friendly because much of their content consists of promoting your mobile store’s apps with your website widgets…and those aren’t mobile website friendly! Even a “… click to read more” that opened the app store in a new tab would be better. On a touchscreen a little dragging scrollbar like that is like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

On a more serious note: Apple, please fix this.

First person to get my pop culture reference in the comments gets extra credit!

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