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Frequently Asked Questions


How much do mobile versions of websites cost?

Our service costs are quoted on a project by project basis. However, in the interest of easing your decision about getting a mobile web development quote, we have done 2 things. First, no quote is an obligation, so you can request a quote to convert websites to mobile simply to see what the cost would be for your website. Second, we set up a page with mobile website design cost examples for you to review.


How does the mobile detection and site version switching work?

Many developers will create 2 versions of a site, such as and, or We take your current pages/links and insert code into them to recognize phone and tablet devices and make edits to the font sizes/layout/design to accommodate them. This is much better because people are always going to the same links whether on mobile or desktop, there's never any discrepancy between content or available URLs on the mobile and desktop "versions", there isn't 2 versions of the site to update and make changes to, etc.


How long will it take for my mobile web design?

Quoting usually only takes a day or two, depending on if we need to get in contact with you to ask some questions. Creating a mobile website on the other hand takes anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. The general rule is that the more the quote was, the longer it's going to take. Most people's mobile friendly websites will be completed within a few days of giving us access to their site so that we can get started.


During mobile web development, what do you change about the site layout/design for mobiles? Will the site be different for other viewers?

The site will have no significant/noticeable changes for normal viewers, the changes should only affect mobile viewers. As for what changes are made to the site, that's on a case by case basis.

Typically for tablets we make few changes, but edit some font sizes for simple reading and some menu sizes/placements for simpler navigation. For mobile phones the changes are usually more drastic, such as a considerably larger logo, very different header arrangement, simplification/enlargement of the main menu, drastic font size changes, simplification of some multi-column layouts to single column layouts, removal of extraneous elements that create too much clutter for small phone screens, etc. The site will then recognize whether the viewer is on a desktop, tablet, or phone and show the page as intended for each type of viewer!

Keep in mind that we won't necessarily modify every element to be perfect. Some elements of a pre-existing site are simply not going to be conducive to mobile friendly changes. Based on their importance, we may hide those types of areas from mobile viewers (such as a flash banner that isn't going to be necessary for the mobile viewer), change them to give a slightly different message (such as a coupon print button, which obviously doesn't print from your phone, we can switch to a notice that on your desktop you can print the coupon), or leave it as is in a working yet not optimized fashion (such as a neccessary button where the way it's coded does not allow for simply resizing/positioning it in a mobile friendly way). All in all, when working with modifying pre-existing sites the goal isn't perfection, it's vast improvement! We know how to make a mobile website out of a normal one, and we're damn good at it. The improvement for mobile viewers will be vastly improved.


How do you do high quality mobile website design and development work so cheap?

It's the conundrum of business that if you want good work, you need better people that require higher pay...and it costs more. We're not immune to that.

The thing that lets us keep our prices down is that we have a very streamlined process. The reason we can have such a streamlined process is: we aren't building your custom website from the start. There's no need for design approvals, client revision, etc. The changes we make may be custom and specific to each website, but they aren't very subjective to opinion; it's a pretty clean science.

The dirty secret (that really isn't a secret) of the web design world is that websites that cost 200 man-hours to build often only need 20 or 30 of actual design & development time...the rest is the constant wrestle of the subjective nature of the web design task coupled with trying to please the client and give what they want. We chose our mobile web design conversion focus specifically because that doesn't apply to this part of the process, and therefore raw efficiency and expertise in design and code translates to very good turnaround times and very good prices. Per hour you are paying us every bit as well as a top design agency, but we keep very strict internal processes and have a business model that promotes as few hours as possible being required to use our experts' strengths to put out high quality work.

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