Our pricing is quote based because every website is different. But these fictional examples give you an idea of possible mobile web design costs, because no one likes starting the conversation without having any idea of potential costs!

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Example #1: Joe's Muffler Shop

Our first example is the one that most small businesses fall into. And most of our customers are small businesses because most local web design studios don't know how to make a mobile website when they develop sites. So the fictional company of Joe's Muffler Shop has a simple static website design. It's not huge, maybe 5 or 6 pages, just enough to give info about themselves and give contact information. This site we'd estimate as low as $295.

Example #2: Christina's Restaurant

Christina is another small business owner, a restaurant owner. She realized that many people look up a restaurant's mobile version of website on their phone before walking in the door, and ones with mobile friendly websites get more customers! Christina's site is a similar concept to Joe's business above, but of course her website is a bit larger since it's a larger business. She has about 14 pages on her website, but again it's a pretty normal simple site, so we quote her development at $395

Example #3: Bobbi's Blog

Bobbi has a WordPress based blog. It's nothing special, just something she uses to promote herself as a writer. She wants to make sure phone and tablet viewers have an easier time reading her posts, so she contacts Floggem for a mobile website design. We estimate her mobile website design cost as $395 for her blog.

Example #4: GigaCorp

GigaCorp had their website redone right before mobile devices became popular. It's a nice site, and it works on mobiles, but it's not very optimized on them. They're now losing the business of mobile viewers to competitors that did convert website to mobile. Rather than rebuild their entire online presence they contact Floggem, and we are able to update their very large content managed site for $995.

Example #5: The Online Doll Shop

The Online Doll Shop is a theoretical e-commerce website selling dolls. E-commerce websites are expensive to build, so they don't want to redesign their site, yet they are losing mobile customers due to their site being hard to use on mobiles. The owner knows creating a mobile website can be tricky, so he contacts the experts (that's us). We quote them $695 for their large e-commerce website and save them tens of thousands of design and development dollars while raising their sales!

Of course...

Prices vary, but these theoretical examples give you a pretty good understanding. Sometimes a site only needs one or two tweaks and costs less, other times certain circumstances can make the estimate higher. But no quote request is a commitment. Simply reject the quote if you don't like it. Considering the monthly cost of mobile site builders over time our services often end up being cheaper. And the much higher quality nature of our services make it usually preferable to automated mobile website creators.

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