Floggem is an inexpensive custom mobile website design / development company that works towards getting small businesses mobile friendly websites. We help you utilize local search and mobile web design to create serious value for your business, with very little investment.

We’re the best place for mobile websites, and here’s why:


We have a streamlined process that lets us make your site mobile friendly...affordably.

We love small business, so we make it affordable for small business.
Often for as little as $295 or $395.


We do it by hand. This is not an “automatic” script.

It’s the only way to make a mobile website design that actually sells. A script can’t look at your website and understand how people want to interact with it on mobiles. We do.


This is not a second site you need to manage.

Other than automatic scripts, the next most common regret in mobile websites is a mobile website template or monthly paid content management system to create a separate mobile site. We actually add scripts into your current site to make it shape-shift between desktop and mobile layouts based on the visitor. Still 1 site to manage, still the same URLs.


We don’t stop at the website. We help you form strategies to utilize it to generate business.

We help you take advantage of the mobile world by lending you any expertise we have for how to make your mobile site work for you. Everything from helping you use CTA’s to get better conversion rates to helping you get started with local mobile SEO.


We’re just plain better. Our work is higher quality, and more affordable.

We even host the mobile detection scripts for you. If a new device comes out that doesn’t get detected properly to show as a mobile website...everyone else’s mobile site will break. Yours won’t because we can update your detection logic as it happens. That’s the sort of detail we put into our process. There is nobody that competes with us in quality.

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