Your site may work on mobiles...but does that mean it's effective on mobiles? Google, Twitter, Facebook...they all recognize the importance of specialized website layout/navigation changes for mobile viewers. It doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive, even just some very minor changes can make a world of difference.

We take pre-existing websites and make them mobile friendly websites. We do that by adding phone/tablet detection, and making the site layout change to be more compatible for any those viewers. Your site stays as is, only mobile viewers get their experience changed - a design more tailored to their unique needs.

Why do you need mobile web design?

Mobile Web Design Increases the Effectiveness of Your Site

Tablet and phone users spend more time, more money, and are more influenced by sites with layouts specially designed specifically for them. Websites that don't cater to the different sizes and browsing methods of mobiles are often abandoned in favor of more easily used websites. On the flip side: the minority of websites that know how to make a mobile website work for them and change their layout to account for these viewers retain their attention longer, sell more goods, and exert more influence.

The Amount of People Using Mobile Versions of Websites is Enormous

Mobile device usage is growing at a staggering rate. It's approaching 10% of all internet activity...and that's projected to grow in coming years. Social website usage is even more staggering, with many of the world's most popular ones receiving 40% or more of their visitors from mobiles. Every day these devices take more and more of the share. While desktop computers still have a dominant role as the viewing workhorses of the web - and will for a long time yet - mobiles are no longer an ignorable minority when thinking about website design and development. They are now an important part of your website viewer base, and mobile friendly websites are key in utilizing them.

Convert Websites to Mobile, Convert More Visits to Sales

Almost 10% of all traffic is from phones and tablets, but they account for 20% of all online searches. What does that say? People using their phones are searching for things. They want services, goods, places to go...and they want it now. When a person types "best bar" into their iPhone, it's because they are about to hop in a cab and go to the bar that comes up in the results. Desktop searches on average tend to be carry a slightly less "ready to act" crowd. More evidence of this surfaces at holidays. Around gift buying holidays search percentages from mobile devices sometimes account for 40%, or even 60% or more, of all searches. In light of those numbers it's easy to see benefits in mobile website design, and we're the master mobile website creators.

Mobile Web Development Boosts Social Media Effectiveness

Social networks have become a major player in online success, and phone/tablet usage within these networks is not only prevalent, but approaching being the dominant method of access. Even if you don't run social campaigns or have these type of accounts, these websites affect your website traffic in a large way. 98% of U.S. internet users use social websites. Think about that for a second...98%. Even if you have no desire to engage in social network marketing: people talk, share links, and give each other advice about your business over these networks, and an enormous percentage of that valuable word of "mouth" traffic comes to you via phone and tablet type devices. When you convert websites to mobile you help them gain that social crowd.

Good Mobile Website Design Can Be Inexpensive

If you already have a website it's not very hard to make the design changes needed. Creating a mobile website takes an expert team to apply the development knowledge and design skill that needs to happen to make a site effective on touch devices, but it doesn't take them very much time to make those changes once they've studied your site and figured out what changes to make. It's not uncommon for the cost of mobile web development to be as little as $300-$500. Even for larger sites it's rarely over a thousand. And it's not some mobile site builder that we expect you to use to build your site yourself, or anything like that. It's a completely custom service that we build in to your website. We know how to make a mobile website design work for you, and mobile versions of websites have return on investment that is very large because it is an extremely effective service that requires little investment.

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